I'm Chris Mildon, based in Nelson. I've been riding bikes for years; from hacking around Hamilton's old dump on homemade 26" bikes as a kid, through BMX racing in the boom of the early 80's, skinny wheel Ironman and Coast to Coast missions, to my wheels of choice, MTB. I grew up in Hamilton, travelled for years in Europe, Africa and the UK before unsettling for a while in Auckland. Nelson's big hills, sweet trails (and my partner Fee!) prompted emigrating in 1999, and if there's a better place to live and raise little MTBers I haven't found it yet. I've enjoyed some wonderful competitive years racing XC and DH, before the Jentree Mangler drew my number and nearly ate one of my legs.

MTB is an integral part of my top of the south lifestyle, and I wouldn't have it any other way (you could probably call me a lifer). I've had involvement at many levels with local, regional and national MTB organisations and treasured that time around making a difference in the often difficult but ultimately satisfying volunteer driven space. These days I've stripped things right back, as I believe the health and future of MTBing lies in a simple formula - quality and accessible trails partnered with the necessary skills to keep people safe and having enormous amounts of fun! One of my big interests is in managing the development of the privately owned Silvan Forest MTB Park, where I have the priviledge of walking the talk and proving the success of that formula.

I took on the MSC business Dec 2013, and delivering MSC's tuition package myself and through our talented coaches is a real buzz for me. Everybody should be able to experience the thrill nailing a sweet MTB trail provides, and having a solid and complete skills base is such an important part of making that happen and accessing those endorphins. Sharing that knowledge motivates me, and I get a kick out of being able to help open the doors to that level of enjoyment.

NZOIA qualified assessor, Mountainbike 1 and 2

Skills Active qualified Outdoor Leadership (MTB) Grade 2 (L4); Outdoor Leadership (MTB Instruction) Grade 4 (L5); Outdoor Leadership (MTB Guiding) Grade 4 (L5)