Hi, I'm Jason or JT for short.


My first memories of cycling dates back to the early 80's. When BMX was exploding, this is where my cycling journey began.  I raced competively in bmx for 6 or so years.

Anyone remember the "BMX Bandits" starring Nicole Kidman? Wow!  Those were the days..


I progressed onto Mountain Biking in the early 90's and found a renewed enthusiasm for cycling. I competed in the National series and was selected for the New Zealand MTB team as a junior to race in both the Cross Country and Downhill Events at the World MTB championships in France. What a tremendous experience! In subsequent years, I competed in national downhill series, earning selection for the New Zealand downhill team two more times. 


While working in one of Christchurch's leading bike shops I learnt sales and cycle mechnics. Back in the day I was servicing Mag 20's Rock Shox and Cannondale Head Shox with no manual and definitely no youtube tutorial videos!!!! Hang on ......this is even before google???

During this time I organised several local and national events including, cross country, downhill and dual salom.

In 2005 I took up Road Cycling and competited in several elite series races and the odd tour race. Working as a Team in road racing was a very different experience for me with riders pushing each other along to reach a common goal - The Finish Line.


I'm fortunate to live in the Canterbury area which offers diversity of terrain and tracks. I'm in my element on technical single tracks, striving to ride where others would get off and push. "No dabs here!"

After doing a MTB Skills Clinic I experienced a new insight into cycling, Proving you can teach an old dog new tricks!! I am totally inspired and reenergised with these new methods and techniques and I've noticed dramatic improvements in my riding.


Looking forward to meeting up with you and going for a ride!


Ride Strong!