Hi, my name is Dave and I'm a bikeaholic.

I've been riding bikes most of my life but was a bit of a late-commer to mountain bikes, starting back in 2002. I originally got into it for fitness, and as a way to get out and see our wonderful country, now, it's how I unwind from a week at work how I relax, and what I base my holidays around.

I have spent time working as a mountain bike guide in the Bolivian Andes, I loved being paid to ride my bike in some of the most amazing and unique scenery. It was here that I discovered big mountain and downhill riding. I also realised that it can be quite fun helping other people have a good day out on their bike, and that I had a knack for explaining things in a way that everyone can understand.

I find the coolest bit of teaching the clinics is seeing that 'light bulb' moment on someone's face when something drops into place and makes sense, I find this a real buzz and it's what keeps me coming back to do more clinics. The fact that the techniques work so well, and are proven on the world stage doesn't hurt either.

The variety of trails is one part of what keeps riding interesting and I have much respect and thanks for all the trail builders out there.

I enjoy pushing myself to improve my riding and am always looking at ways to do this. I love mountain bikes in all their forms, and love the constant element of change that goes with a comparatively young sport. I compete a little, but for me it's about getting out and enjoying yourself on your bike.


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