Hello! I’m Jack Allen, Wellington based coach. 

I’ve been riding mountain bikes all my life. Growing up in Masterton the steepest hill I could find was what a Wellingtonian would probably still consider flat.. That all changed when I moved here 10 years ago and found out just how steep hills can get!

I’m a software developer by day and love to draw parallels from programming to riding bikes. Both require problem solving and honed technique. 

My introduction to Mountain Bike Skills Clinics started while I was completing my NZOIA Mountain Bike Instructors certificate in Nelson. I have to admit I went for years without any proper training. I thought since I could survive most trails that I was doing everything right… wrong. The techniques I’ve learnt are so solid I now think about them every time I ride. A key difference is no longer just surviving the tough trails but actually owning them!

I always look forward to sharing the knowledge and excitement I have gained on my journey to coaching. 

See you out there!