Hi, my name is Ben. I'm originally from Geraldine but have been in Wellington for seven years now.

I've been riding for 14 years which started playing round on jumps we made ourselves after school and in weekends.
I mainly rode jump and downhill bikes till I moved to Wellington which has a much more extensive network of trails!
From there a trailbike was a must have in the bike fleet. Now I ride a bit of everything off road but riding a new technical trail is my favourite. I do the odd race for fun but have never got into racing competitively. 
I taught mountainbiking at Camp America for a couple of years and have been a bike and product reviewer for NZMTBr magazine for the last few years. 
A couple of years ago I sat in with Tryfan on a Phundamentals clinic and saw just how much the riders in that clinic progressed in just that lesson! I also picked up a couple of handy tips for myself at the same time.
Working in a bikeshop and riding test bikes I get to ride alot of different bikes and have owned more than ten people would own in a lifetime. So don't be hesitant to hit me up if you are needing some insight on anything bike related.